Historical maps of Venice linked to today.

Venice as a city, is one full of examples of modernity, whether it be their gardens and  green spaces previously taken up by city structures (old and new) or what I’ll be focusing on in this blog, their re purposing of certain lands overtime, the one in question for this blog being the water edged land on the far west of the city. I will discuss the purpose given to this space in the year 1843, 1926 and 2011 (illustrated through maps).


Venice 1843 – first example of public space use (in chosen area).

inkedvenice 1843


Figure 1 Branch, M.C. An atlas of rare city maps, p. 72-75.


Within the black circle drawn on the map is the area I’m going to be discussing throughout this entry. In the year 1843 this area as seen on the map is displayed as ‘Campo DI Marte’, which when translated reads ‘Field of Mars’, which was the name commonly given to military parade or exercise areas across Europe at this time.


Venice 1926 – second example of public space use (in chosen area).

Inkedvenice 1926_LI.jpg


Figure 2 Venice map by Kraatz Leopold, Berlin Original scale 1:11,000 (found at: https://www.discusmedia.com/maps/venice_city_maps/4746/)

We see in just under one hundred years the purpose of these lands has modernized by becoming gas meters or ‘Gasometro’ at the site of St. Francis the vineyard of Venice. This public space adopted to the needs of the population which surrounded it.

 Venice 2014- third use of public space (in chosen area).

Inkedvenice 2011_LI.jpg

venice-map-0 (2)

Figure 3 Map of Venice  10 December, 2011 by Roxana Jilaveanu (found at : http://thecitybreak.ro/harta-turistica-venetia/)

In 2011 this space has gone through the most transformation, it is now an area of malls and residential areas but the gas meters in 1926 are still present and run down. Schools around the area gathered together in 2017 to try and petition for a sports ground to be

built there, see article from Italian newspaper http://nuovavenezia.gelocal.it/venezia/cronaca/2017/05/06/news/ex-gasometro-il-polo-sportivo-che-non-c-e-1.15296653 [1]

[1] May 2017, La Nuova di Venezia e Mestre



Figure 1: Branch M.C, An Atlas Of Rare Maps, pg 72-75.

Figure 2: Map of Venice, Kraatz Leopold, (found at: https://www.discusmedia.com/maps/venice_city_maps/4746/)

Figure 3: Map of Venice, Roxana Jilaveanu, December 2011, (found at : http://thecitybreak.ro/harta-turistica-venetia/)


La Nuova di Venezia e Mestre, May 2017 (found at: at http://nuovavenezia.gelocal.it/venezia/cronaca/2017/05/06/news/ex-gasometro-il-polo-sportivo-che-non-c-e-1.15296653 )


By Aoife Hennessy 115427092.




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